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Human Dynamics - The Basics of Personal Transformation

The mental principle in all of us is related to our ability to focus, think logically, create structure, maintain objectivity and hold a long-range perspective.  The emotional principle in all of us is related to our ability to build relationships, communicate with others, express our feelings, make connections and engage in creative endeavors. The physical principle in all of us is related to our ability to gather information in a practical way and manifest something concrete in the physical world. 

Inside/Out Loving You  Life Strategies Consulting  uses its proprietary O.P.E.N. approach to step with clients through the process of personal and corporate  transformation:

  • Mental Self-Awareness -- Self-awareness involves being aware of different aspects of the self including traits, behaviors, and feelings as impacted by neural pathways. Essentially, it is a psychological state in which the science of self becomes the focus of one's attention.
  • Emotional Awareness -- We can tell what people truly feel, but we don’t always know what triggers the feeling — it may not be us. Othello, for example in Shakespeare’s great play, accurately read Desdemona’s fear. But he misidentified what triggered the fear and that is why he killed her. He thought he saw her fear of having been caught in infidelity but it instead was her fear of a jealous husband. Emotions don't tell us what triggers them -- we presume that it’s going to be obvious what triggers them. But our own preconceptions, like Othello’s, can be very misleading. The enemy of being able to tell is our own preconceptions of what we are expecting. Emotional awareness requires that we have an open mind, and that requires conscientious study and practice seeing things differently.
  • Physical  Awareness --Chair yoga  or Qigon: practicing fluid movement; Meditation or stillness, prayer and other methods of quiet introspection represent the types of spirit work employed by IOLY.

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