Transformation Testimonials

IOLY Making a difference...

"Deborah Hawkins Wright thanks my beautiful Sista...God is good! I'm taking better care of my mental, physical and spiritual self, protecting my peace and I am pleased with the results! Practicing "inside out loving me" ❤ thanks for your contribution in making me more aware and pushing me." ~ IOLY Workshop Participant

"Deborah Hawkins Wright you are changing the world one body/mind/spirit at a time. Proud to be on your team... Great IOLY event today." ~ IOLY Workshop Presenter"

"Thank you so much for having me. It was a great event. Thank you for all that you do and your support. Your event and your IOLY organization are a great asset to the world❤️" ~ IOLY Workshop Presenter

"I am so very proud of Deborah J. Hawkins-Wright for positively effecting and encouraging others to live authentically and walk in their purpose." - IOLY Workshop Participant